Silver Emerald Crown Ring Spanish Galleon Shipwreck Re-creation


Your Crown Ring is an authentic replica of one recovered from one of Spain’s Treasure Galleons. The original was recovered from the 1715 Fleet wreck site on Florida’s east coast and crafted in the time of the Renaissance.  In Spain, this period was a magnificent age kings and queens combined with strong religious fervor. Since purple is the color of royalty, how appropriate is it then for this marquis-cut amethyst to be crowned by two fanciful angels. And what better way for a man to make his loved one feel like royalty than by presenting her with a Crown Ring. SS-936E

Silver Emerald Ring made with a portion of Atocha silver.  Comes with certificate of Authenticity. 

This is a photo of an original Crown Ring found on the 1715 Fleet Shipwreck

 sku #SS-936E or #MF-SSCRE