Gold Life Ring Spanish Galleon Shipwreck Re-creation


This Life Ring is an authentic replica of one recovered from one of Spain’s Treasure Galleons. It is believed that the Life Ring was always given as a gift. The designs inscribed on the many sides would be symbolic of what the giver of the ring would wish upon the person receiving the ring for the coming year, for example, good harvest, fertility, or prosperity. Four of the eight designs on the original were indecipherable. Your ring has the four visible symbols of the original, a person, a deer, a rabbit, and a bird alternated with olive blossoms in place of the missing designs. MF-14KLIR or 14KMFR5

14K Gold Life Ring is made with a portion of Atocha gold.  Comes with certificate of Authenticity. 

This is a photo of an original life ring  found on the  1715 Fleet Shipwreck.