Rimac River Coin set in Sterling Silver dangling earrings


Treasure Coin of the Rimac River
Spanish Cob

This specimen is a genuine Spanish cob treasure coin recovered from the Rimac River in Lima, Peru.
Many believe that the coins found in the Rimac were thrown from the "puente de Santa Rosa," the bridge near the church built in colonial times to honor Saint Rose, the very first saint of the Americas and the patron saint of Lima. Located in the historic district of the city, the church, couples walked to the bridge to throw silver coins into the river, wishing for good luck and harmony in their marriage.
This belief may very well be the explanation for the existence of cob treasure coins in the Rimac River, which even today remains a true numismatic mystery.
Your Rimac River coin may not be the same quality or size as pictured. Yours may vary slightly as each authentic artifact is unique and one-of-a-kind. RRCBHR#-8M ER
Approx. 1.25" tall x  0.75" wide (including bail)