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Alexander III Drachm 14k and Silver Pendant


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Alexander III Drachm
This silver drachm was struck circa 330 BC under the rule of Alexander III (better known as "Alexander the Great"). one of the greatest military minds in history. Conqueror of the Persian Empire and founder of the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria, Alexander III was king of Macedonia. Because of Alexander's many successes on foreign battle fields, Greek ideas, architecture and customs were spread from the Mediterranean Sea basin all the way to India, resulting in the rich culture of the Hellenistic Age.
Alexander's belief in his own divine origin is reflected in the coins produced during his reign. As Macedonian kings before him, Alexander was taught that he was descended from the Greek hero Hercules, the mythological son of the god Zeus. The obverse of this drachm depicts Alexander wearing a lion's skin in the same fashion that Hercules did. Zeus, seated on his throne and holding an eagle in his outstretched arm, is portrayed on reverse of the coin.  DRACHM-MNT3-H (WH)
Pendant dimensions: Approx. 1.5” long (including the bail), 0.75” wide