14K Gold Emerald Lace Ring Spanish Galleon Shipwreck Re-creation


This beautiful Lace Ring is an authentic replica of one recovered from the 1715 Fleet wreck site on Florida’s east coast.  The square- cut stone is set in a lacy Baroque design popular among the aristocracy of 18th Century Spain.  The loss of this fleet was a severe personal blow to Spain’s King Phillip V. His first wife Marie Louise had died in 1714. Seven months later he married Isabella Farnese, but she would not consummate the marriage until she had received a large dowry of jewels, and a substantial portion of these jewels, possibly including your Lace Ring, was aboard these ships. MF-14KLARE

14K Gold Emerald Ring made with a portion of Atocha silver.  The emerald in the ring is a lab-grown emerald.  The ring comes with certificate of Authenticity.

Photo of an original lace ring found on the 1715 Fleet Shipwreck.