Sterling Silver Amethyst Box Ring Atocha Re-creation


This beautiful box ring is an authentic replica of one recovered from one of Spain’s Treasure Galleons.  The Box Ring is so-called because of the totally enclosed box-like bezel holding the gemstone.  The sculptural design around the bezel continues seamlessly underneath to form a miniature treasure chest cradling and protecting the stone.  Princess Catherine, King Phillip II’s daughter, can be seen wearing a Box Ring in one of her portraits. While we don’t know whether or not the original ring was made in the New World, the gold smith’s work definitely reflects a blend of Incan and Mayan motifs.

Sterling Silver Amethyst Box Ring Atocha Re-creation is made with a portion of Atocha Silver.  It comes with a certificate of Authenticity. 

This is a photo of an original box ring found on the Atocha Shipwreck. SS AME BOX or MF-SSBXRA