Extremely RARE Authentic Atocha Grade 1, 4 Reale, LIMA Mint


This is an extremely rare Authentic Atocha Grade 1, 4 Reales from the Lima Mint!

This is one of only three ever found to date!

This coin was found in 1985 during the "Motherload" salvage work. 

Number: 85A-237120
Denomination: 4 Reales
Mint: Lima
Reign: Philip II
Mint Master: R 1568-1570
Date: Never Dated
Grade: ONE (1)

Approx. 1.75” long (including the bail), 1.40” wide

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On September 6, 1622, the heavily laden treasure galleon of King Philip IV’s Tierra Firme Fleet struck a reef and sank in a raging storm near the Florida Keys. All attempts to locate the shipwreck failed until the location of the primary cultural deposit was made by Mel Fisher and Treasure Salvors, Inc., on July 20th, 1985.

The Nuestra Senora de Atocha carried over 200,000 hand stamped silver coins from mints in Potosi, Lima and Mexico City. Silver coins are referred to as “pieces of eight” and were measured in reales. Their denominations are 8 reales, 4 reales, 2 reales, 1 real, ½ real and ¼ real. An 8 reales silver Atocha coin was roughly equivalent to one month’s pay for a sailor in the 1600’s. Due to the crude hand-struck minting process, no two coins look alike.

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