Tales of the ATOCHA - Atocha Re-creation Coin Pendant in 14K Gold Mount


Atocha Re-creation Coin Pendant in 14K Gold Mount

Height: 1.25"
Width:  0.75"

Made with a portion of silver from a silver bar discovered on the Nuestra Señora de Atocha, a Spanish treasure galleon and the most widely known vessel of a fleet of ships that sank in a hurricane off the Florida Keys in 1622. On July 20, 1985, after more than 15 years, Mel's dream was achieved, and Atocha's mother lode was located. Thousands of artifacts, silver coins, gold coins, many in near mint condition, period and earlier amazing Spanish objects and wares, exquisite jewelry set with precious stones, gold chains, disks, and various armaments. These and more discovered by Mel Fisher and his "Golden Crew" recovering truly priceless historical and cultural heritage of the world. We are still actively searching the sites for the remainder of the treasure, as Mel would say "Today's the day!" KI-P-7701-S2