Extremely Rare Authentic Atocha Uncut Emerald, Class 1AA, 8.68 carat, Mounted in 18K Gold Pendant


This extremely rare uncut 8.68 carat Atocha shipwreck emerald is one of the finest quality emeralds ever found being graded as a "Class 1AA" stone. It was mined from the famous Muzo emerald mine in Colombia just prior to being smuggled on board the Atocha in 1622. After being lost for nearly 400 years in the tragic sinking of the 1622 Fleet ships on September 6, 1622, it was found once again by the Mel Fisher salvage team in 1991 very close to the famous Atocha "Motherload" area. It was then tagged and recorded by the crew and conserved by our laboratory staff. Once fully documented in our artifact database, it was evaluated by Colombian emerald expert Manuel Marcial de Gomar as one of the highest quality emeralds ever found on the Atocha site. It has been mounted in a gold setting to be worn as a stunning pendant and would literally be the "Crown Jewel" of any collector of very rare Atocha shipwreck antiquities.

For more details on the rarity and value of Atocha emeralds, please click the link below to hear directly from Manual Marcial.

Why are Atocha emeralds so valuable?

Artifact Number: EA91-298
Class: 1 AA
Carat: 8.68


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