How to care for your coin

How to care for your coin

May 04, 2024

Here are some tips to help you properly take care of your silver coins and jewelry. Pure silver, as a noble metal, and its alloys are very susceptible to environmental changes. Commonly, the old alloys (1500s – 1700s) were made of silver and copper. Copper was mixed with the silver in order to increase the malleability of the silver that was used in coins and jewelry. Generally, these two metals in alloy produce a reaction when they make contact with contaminants (reagents) and oxygen. The result of this oxidation process is the appearance of a black-gray patina (silver sulfate).

Follow these simple rules to keep your silver clean:
1. Avoid wearing your coin in the swimming pool. Usually the chemicals used in pool maintenance contain dimethyl chloride. Dimethyl chloride can stain silver or make it dark in a few days.

2. Avoid contact with bathroom and kitchen cleansers or disinfectant formulas. These products typically contain oxidant agents that will also stain your silver.

3. Do not use commercial silver polish formulas. Usually, these products
contain erosive agents, which can obliterate some of the markings or design on your silver.

4. In some cases a black-gray patina can appear very quickly. It can appear faster in silver worn by some people than in others as a direct result of the higher degree of toxic substances (acids, ammonia, nicotine, caffeine, etc.) produced in perspiration. After exercise or any strong physical activity, rinse your coin with fresh water and dry it with a soft cloth.

5. Avoid wearing your coin in the shower. Some soaps, shampoos and conditioners have chemicals that will react with the silver.


Here’s the easiest way to clean your silver:

1. The simplest way to clean your silver coin (or jewelry) is by mixing equal parts of baking soda and liquid baby soap (which contains no harmful chemicals) until you have the consistency of paste.

2. Brush paste on coin with soft toothbrush or rub paste with your fingers on coin until stains disappear.

3. Rinse with fresh water and dry with soft cloth