But They're Only Sharks Susan!

But They're Only Sharks Susan!

April 27, 2022

Great story told by our beloved Pat Clyne

But They're Only Sharks Susan:

About an hour before this shot was taken Mel was sitting with his dive gear on about to go in the water with Steve, one of our divers. Then someone spotted a shark fin near the boat. Mel said to Steve, "Well are you going in or not?" Steve said, "Ahhh sure, right after you." Mel thought about it for a second and then yelled to Susan Nelson to gear up and take the next dive. Steve said, "Mel, that's my girlfriend why are you sending her in with the sharks?" Mel turned to Steve without breaking stride and said, "What are you worried about...they're Maneaters!'

Anyhow, Susan went in and I joined her with my video camera. I followed alongside filming her as she swept her detector back and forth. Suddenly she got a hit and started hand fanning the sand. A gold bar appeared. She grabbed it and was about to swim up but noticed that her detector was still buzzing away in that same spot. She stopped, went back and began fanning again. By the time she was finished she had recovered 7 gold bars and a gold chain a little over 7' long.

Needless to say it was worthy of popping a few champagne corks and this is the pic of Mel and Susan clowning around with Mel showing his amazing talent for balancing a champagne glass on a gold bar. BTW, this was Memorial Day 1985. Just a few weeks before we found the Motherlode of the Atocha.