Treasure of the Atocha: A Four Hundred Million Dollar Archaeological Adventure Hardcover – by R. Duncan Mathewson III


This work details a 16-year undersea adventure and search for a fabulous treasure. The history of the search is brought to life as an archaeological jigsaw puzzle gradually coming together and an insider's account of the controversy raging over who should have access to the shipwrecks.

 by R. Duncan Mathewson III  

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From Publishers Weekly

Lost during a hurricane off the Florida Keys more than 350 years ago, the Spanish galleon Atocha has finally yielded its secrets and treasure. Fisher and his salvage crew searched the shallow waters near Key West for 16 years at a cost of four lives, eight million dollars and court battles with both federal and state governments for ownership of the Atocha's immense wealth. When Mathewson joined Fisher in 1973, he became suspect among his professional colleagues, for reputable archeologists simply did not work with treasure hunters or adventurers. He trained divers and applied the basic techniques of land archeology with notable success. Mathewson tells a compelling story of mystery and adventure, of piecing together a complex puzzle. Excellent photographs and diagrams complement the text, enabling us to go beyond the treasure for a glimpse of early 17th-century travel. A fitting sequel to Eugene Lyon's The Search for the Atocha.
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About the Author

Dr. R. Duncan Mathewson III has been characterized as the most controversial archaeologist in America. By working with Mel Fisher - the world's foremost treasure hunter - Mathewson is demonstrating that preservation of our maritime heritage can best be accomplished through a delicate balance of education and profit incentive.

Mathewson graduated from Dartmouth College, Florida Atlantic University, The Union Institute, and the Universities of London and Edinburgh. He has worked as an archaeological consultant for the governments of Jamaica, Ghana and the United States, as well as for numerous marine research organizations. He is the Executive Director of the National Center for Shipwreck Research based in the Florida Keys.

Mathewson was born in Pittsburgh, raised in Pelham, New York, but now lives near Key West, close to the wreck of the Atocha.