Authentic Atocha Silver Coin, Grade 1, 8 Reales, Mounted in Silver IRIT Designer Mount

$6,950.00 $6,200.00

Irit Ehrlich- Designer to the Stars

Irit Design claimed its place as a fine jewelry powerhouse with a chic and modest collection while remaining organic in design. Based in Malibu, CA, Irit Design has become almost as well known for its client list of rock stars and international film sirens as for its magnificently crafted jewels.

Irit Design is targeted to the luxury market, to the buyer who desires and appreciates uniqueness and quality craftsmanship. As an extension of her own personal style, Irit’s passion for hand wrought jewelry paired with her unmatched vision for creativity results in a line versatile enough for Hollywood’s red carpet elite, or to give edge to an everyday look.  

 Halle Berry wearing an Irit Design piece.

Coin Details: 

Coin Number: 85A-188642

Denomination: 8 Reales

Mint: Potosi

Reign: Phillip III

Assayer: M 1616-1617

Coin Date: Not Visible

 Grade: ONE (1)